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We will also provide the PPSSPP ISO images after this tutorial. First, Download the PPSSPP ISO file using your browser or by downloading the required PPSSPP ISO file and extract it. To extract the file, 7zip (7zipper) or any other decompressor will be required. Alternatively, you can download the ISO File using your browser. Once the file is extracted, you will find a folder that contains the ISO file. In order to extract the game file, you can choose to use a PC or any other suitable Android device. *For PC users:* Download the PPSSPP emulator or any other emulator from the official website and install the ISO file using it. Once the file is installed, launch it and select "Load ISO" and browse the location where you have stored the file in the PPSSPP emulator. *For Android users:* The next step is to install the PPSSPP emulator in your Android phone. First, open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and download the PPSSPP emulator app or any other emulator from the Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, tap on the "install" button on the app. Once the installation is done, launch the emulator app and select "Load ISO" and browse the location where you have stored the file in your phone. Select the game file you wish to load. In this tutorial, we will be using Resident Evil 4: PPSSPP ISO file. Once the game is selected, tap on "Load". If you have a problem in installing the emulator, we have uploaded the file below. If you are having any other issue or problem, feel free to leave a comment. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Resident Evil 5 ISO on your android device. Before you begin, make sure you are using an android phone. If you are using a Windows PC, then follow the steps we have provided above. For the PC users, you can choose to download the PPSSPP emulator or any other emulator. For the android users, the PPSSPP emulator is the best option. First, you need to download the PSP emulator or PPSSPP emulator. Download the emulator from the website and install it. Once the emulator is installed, follow the instructions provided below to install the game.



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