Preguntas más frecuentes

How to pay for the order?

Once you have placed the items in your cart, just click on the "Checkout with Paypal" button, whether you have a Paypal account and whether you intend to pay by credit card. If you prefer to use a credit card, once you open the Paypal page, just click on "Pay with a card" and enter the data. The payment page and credit card data are managed by Paypal and will not be registered on the FocacciaOnLine website or even on the Paypal website.

I am a focaccia producer. How can I join FocacciaOnLine?

FocacciaOnLine has prepared a partnership program with the best bakeries, not necessarily Genoese, but at the same time is very attentive to the quality of the products it makes available, for this reason it is necessary to understand what type of focaccia we are talking about and evaluate its suitability. For further information send an email to specifying in the subject "Partnership program", you will be contacted as soon as possible by our manager.

I am a restaurateur, I would like to order larger quantities

FocacciaOnLine can also send larger quantities of products, send an email to, also specifying your telephone number, you will be promptly contacted by our sales manager.

Availability of products

The products selected by the consumer and listed in the shop are produced and sold daily by the respective bakeries both on site and through FocacciaOnLine. Each bakery affiliated with FocacciaOnLine is in constant contact with the portal and warns us in case of out of stock and other impediments, therefore the availability of products on FocacciaOnLine is constantly updated. However, if a product is out of stock, its packaging and relative shipment will postpone to the 1st working day following that of the order, in which case an email will be sent to the consumer and or he will be contacted to communicate with the new delivery date.

Delivery methods and costs

Through FocacciaOnLine the bakery will deliver the order to the courier in charge of delivering to the chosen address, only after verifying the actual crediting of the amount spent. The advance payment by the customer takes place using the method chosen online at the time of purchase. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE RECIPIENT IS ABSENT In the event of non-delivery due to absent recipient, the (FREE) return of the shipment is made the next day, pending indications.
If it has not been possible to deliver a shipment to the recipient, we will send the Customer an email to open a storage practice, which consists in communicating the impediment to delivery with an indication of the reason and contextual request for instructions.
In case of absence of the customer upon delivery by the courier after the second attempt, the shipment will be placed in storage in the warehouse of the courier's competence. The storage costs are borne by the buyer.
In the event of storage after the 3rd day, the customer will be further contacted by FocacciaOnLine to manage the collection at the local courier or redelivery, in case of new non-delivery the order will be canceled with consequent charge to the customer of the costs.

Preservatives and perishability of focaccia

The focaccias produced by affiliated ovens have no preservatives as they are taken out of the oven to be sold at retail and can be safely consumed up to 5 days from unpacking as long as the focaccia is kept closed or placed in the package. The focaccia is also delicious dry and or heated after a few days from when it was taken out of the oven.
Focaccia, like wine, vinegar, salt and sugar, bread, etc., does not fall within the category of fast perishable products and for this reason the storage period is not indicated on the package.
To savor its fragrance, however, consume it within 2 days from the date of receipt.

Who issues the receipt?

The purchase of each product takes place directly between the Consumer and the Manufacturer without any intermediation and, consequently, each receipt (or any invoice) will be issued directly by the manufacturer.

Use of consumer data

The security and protection of personal data are two of the main aspects of managing and processing orders and payments. For this reason FocacciaOnLine is particularly attentive to compliance with the legislative provisions on data protection, in particular with respect to the provisions of the law on data protection and the law on data protection relating to the use of teleservices. All the important aspects of data protection are clarified in the information below. We invite you to read the information below: Information pursuant to the law on privacy, pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree no. 30 June 2003, n. 196, informs its customers that the personal data provided by them at the time of signing the purchase order and / or completing the invoice are excluded from the consent of the interested party as they are collected and held solely on the basis of the fiscal / tax obligations envisaged. by law, regulations and community legislation and, in any case, for the sole purpose of allowing the exact fulfillment of the obligations deriving from the purchase contract of which the customer is interested and / or for the acquisition of the necessary contractual information always and exclusively activated at the request of the latter.
FocacciaOnLine specifies that the personal data provided by its customers will not be used for the purposes of commercial information or for sending advertising material or for the compliment of market research or interactive commercial communication, except following the prior expression of consent by the Customer.
For more information: Legislative Decree 30/06/2003 n. 196

Right of withdrawal

Cases of exclusion of the right of withdrawal
Pursuant to art. 59, paragraph 1, lett. d) and e) of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 (Consumer Code), the right of withdrawal is excluded in relation to: Goods purchased by a non-consumer User and / or who requires an invoice; Assets that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly; Sealed goods which cannot be returned for hygienic reasons or related to health protection and which have been opened after delivery. With reference to the cases of exclusion of the right of withdrawal listed above, the User, in particular, is informed and accepts that the Products that "risk deteriorating or expire rapidly" include all food products, as the characteristics and qualities of these types of Products are subject to alteration also as a result of inappropriate storage. Therefore, for hygienic reasons and for the protection of Users, the right of withdrawal is excluded for products purchased through the Website.

Refund request

Focaccia OnLine is attentive to the satisfaction of its customers and provides affiliated producers with all the directives necessary to properly ship the purchased products. In the rare cases in which at the time of delivery the products are not suitable or intact, we remind you that it is the customer's right to request a partial or total refund no later than 8 days from the date of delivery. Furthermore, for each outgoing shipment, Focaccia OnLine notifies its customers all the useful information to always have the status of the order under control, sending emails that allow the tracking of the package, to notify the delivery and remember that at any time it is possible monitor the status of the shipment.
To make a refund request it is necessary to follow the following procedure: 1- Send an email to specifying "Refund request" in the subject. 2- Detail the reasons in the email and finally indicate the preferred reimbursement method. In the event of a partial refund, the disputed products must be selected and the respective quantity indicated. 3- Before concluding the procedure, it will therefore be advisable to attach photos certifying the status of the disputed product and finally wait for our Customer Service to take charge of the request. Finally, we remind you that the right to reimbursement will not be guaranteed if one or more of the following conditions occur: - incorrect, incomplete or unsuitable delivery address; - lack of a reference to the recipient visible to the courier at the delivery address (house number, name on the bell, etc.); - non-delivery due to absent recipient; - failure to send photos certifying the state of the product, if they complain about the bad condition of the same; - changes of address requested after the departure of the goods or not communicated directly to Focaccia OnLine - requests that are not compatible with the standard services provided by the agreed express couriers (delivery on time, postponed delivery, etc.). We also inform you that for each refund request, the logistical updates provided by our affiliated couriers will prevail. If the refund - partial or total - is granted, Focaccia OnLine or the manufacturer in question reserve the right to collect the disputed goods at the same delivery address by express courier.